March 2017

Time Lag Posting: Keep it Safe on Social Media

Time Lag Posting: Keep it Safe on Social Media

Most people would never dream of going up to robbers, thieves and violent criminals and letting them know where they are going to be and when. No one would let a robber know when no one will be home. However, this is exactly what happens when pictures are posted to social media portraying the location and persons involved in events as they are happening. It is human nature to want to share memorable times with others, but it doesn’t have to put you and your family at risk.

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Know When to Leave

Know When to Leave

Socializing in the presence of others is unavoidable. We all go out to eat, gather to watch sports, and meet friends on the town. All of these situations put us around people we know nothing about. This becomes extremely dangerous when a conflict arises, regardless of whether or not you are directly involved. When someone gets unruly and is asked to leave an establishment, what follows can be extremely dangerous and often times is. As a general rule, if someone gets asked to leave an establishment you are in, you should leave as well.

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