Time Lag Posting: Keep it Safe on Social Media

Time Lag Posting: Keep it Safe on Social Media

Most people would never dream of going up to robbers, thieves and violent criminals and letting them know where they are going to be and when. No one would let a robber know when no one will be home. However, this is exactly what happens when pictures are posted to social media portraying the location and persons involved in events as they are happening. It is human nature to want to share memorable times with others, but it doesn’t have to put you and your family at risk.

In the this digital age, we are conditioned to receive and share information in real-time, as it is happening. Print media, by the time we receive it, is often times yesterday’s news. Can you satisfy the desire to post on social media in the excitement of the moment and still maintain safety for you and your loved one? The answer is yes and the solution is “time lag’ posting.

Time Lag Posting

Time lag posting simply means posting your events after the fact, when they do not affect your security. For example, if you are on vacation, resist the temptation to post the family beach photo that is time and location stamped in the Caribbean. Rather, wait a few days until you return home and then post the picture. This way the world knows you are now home and not at the beach with your home sitting vacant!

Advertising that your home is vacant is just one downfall to real-time posting on social media. Letting the world know where you are at night, what you’re wearing and who you’re with is not the best practice. It puts you and the others in your social media posts at risk.

Time lag posting can be achieved by simply delaying your social media posts. Delay posting until the time and location given no longer applies. Be careful not to reveal habits and future activities. If you become predictable, you become an easy target.

There are many tools to automate time lag posting, such as Hootsuite and Postcron. Some are free, some are not. Do your research, as I think you will find that it is very easy to secure your social media practices.

Friends’ Social Media Use Affects You

The social media habits of those around you are just as important as yours. You cannot control whether or not someone snaps your picture, but you can be aware if you are tagged and simply “untag” yourself. Politely make it known that you would rather not be tagged in the social media posts of those around you.

Argument Against Security Settings

It is a mistake to assume that if you limit access to your social media to just friends and family, time lag posting doesn’t apply. Can you control access to all the devices of the hundreds or thousands of your followers on social media? It is very easy to gain access to the social media of others and access information indirectly. Do not rely on others to when it comes to your safety


Time lag posting will go a long way to keeping your whereabouts and habits out of the eyes of those who may not have your best interests in mind. Remember, you can still post that adorable selfie, but just delay it a bit.

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