Review: Glock G44 Compact .22LR Training Perfection

Glock G44 .22LR Gun Review
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    Glock G44 Overview

    Glock recently announced their first rimfire pistol, the Glock G44. The Glock G44 is chambered in .22lr, an inexpensive and widely available cartridge. While the .22lr is not a viable cartridge for self-defense, the Glock 44 is an excellent training pistol for both new and experienced shooters.

    Glock G44 Features

    The Glock G44 was thoroughly tested with a wide variety of ammunition to ensure maximum performance and redefine what small can do.

    The G44 is a compact size pistol with the ability to adapt to nearly every hand size by using the different backstraps supplied with the pistol. The G44 comes standard with the GLOCK Marksman Barrel (GMB) for increased accuracy and precision. 

    The G44 comes with adjustable rear sights and two load-assist magazines.

    Glock 44 Tech Specs:

    Ideal for New Shooters
    • Inexpensive: Acquiring a reliable firearm for self-defense requires a significant investment. Often times new shooters want to “test the water” and see if firearms are something that they are comfortable shooting. The Glock 44 has a street price under $400. On average, a dedicated self-defense firearm from a reputable manufacturer will cost around $600.
    • Affordable Ammo: Purchasing a firearm is just the initial investment. Ammunition for training is easily the most costly aspect of becoming a responsibly armed citizen. Training is a necessity and most people do not train enough to become proficient shooters, due to the high cost of ammunition. The Glock 44 is chambered in .22lr which is readily available in bulk for about 5 cents a round. In comparison 9mm ammunition, a common self-defense cartridge, is about 20 cents a round.
    • Low Recoil: Firearms can be intimidating for new shooters. The noise and recoil produced by a handgun takes time and training in order to manage it effectively.. The Glock 44, due to its chambering in .22lr, has extremely mild recoil. Using the Glock 44 as a “first gun” is an excellent way to learn the fundamentals of shooting without being overwhelmed with the recoil impulse of more powerful self-defense cartridges such as the 9mm.
    • Replica Self-Defense Pistol: The Glock 44 has the same trigger, grip and manual of arms (operation) as all Glock pistols. The time and training you put into the Glock 44 will carry over, should you choose to step up to a different Glock more suited for self-defense.
    • Accessories: When training, you will likely need a few accessories, such as a good holster and magazine carrier. Being an exact replica of the Glock 19, arguably one of the best compact 9mm handguns for self-defense, any accessories you buy for the Glock 44 will fit a Glock 19 or other similarly sized compact Glock.
    • Resale Value: Glocks are always in demand and hold their resale value well. If you shop around and buy a Glock 44 at a fair price, you will be able to recover most of that cost on the resale market. This makes stepping you way up to a larger caliber Glock cost effective.
    Replica Training Gun for Experienced Shooters
    • Glock 19 Replica: The Glock 19 is regarded by many as one of the best 9mm handguns for self-defense. I have carried the Glock 19 daily for well over a decade and consider the Glock 44 to be the ultimate training companion. Until now, the only way to shoot affordable .22lr ammunition in a Glock 19 was to buy an expensive and unreliable conversion kit costing hundreds of dollars. Glock designed the Glock 44 to be a cost-efficient training companion to its compact line of handguns, specifically the Glock 19.
    • Trigger: Mastering the trigger of a self-defense handgun is critical. This takes time and practice. The trigger in the Glock 44 is identical to that of the Glock 19. Therefore, drawing and firing the first shot from a holster with the Glock 44 is a great way to train at 1/4 of the cost. The main difference between the Glock 44 and Glock 19 will be its weight and recoil impulse. These two variables will come into play after the first shot is fired.
    • Utilize Carry Gear: The cost of holsters and magazine carriers add up. In addition, it is important to train with the exact holsters and accessories that you will be carrying for self-defense. You need to become proficient at clearing concealment garments and mastering your draw. Train with the gear you will be carrying. 
    • Affordable Live Fire: Assume you will shoot 200 rounds during each live-fire training session. If you were to shoot 200 rounds of 9mm, that will cost about $40 or more. If you shoot the Glock 44 chambered in .22lr, firing 200 rounds will cost about $5. The more affordable the training, the more you will train.

    Whether you’re a new shooter just getting started, or are highly experienced, the Glock 44 has a place in your training plan. The Glock 44 is a cost-effective training firearm that is an exact replica of the Glock 19 and is a great tool for improving your shooting skills.

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