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Mindful Defense focuses on mindset, situational awareness and self-defense combatives. Mindset and situational awareness are two of your most powerful weapons when it comes to self-defense. Mindful Defense is a self-defense framework emphasizing recognizing, avoiding and de-escalating dangerous situations before they become a physical encounter. Topics include:

Mindset & Intuition Situational Awareness
Pre-Attack Indicators Combatives
Transitional Spaces Non-Lethal Weapons


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Sat 29

Mindful Defense Self-Defense Seminar – 02/29/2020

February 29 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Overland Park KS

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What To Do If You Are Being Followed

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Teaching Your Daughter Self-Defense: 5 Tips
Teaching Your Daughter Self-Defense: 5 Tips

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Pepper Spray •nLED Strobe  Alarm  Emergency Texts  Phone Calls

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