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Mindful Defense focuses on mindset, situational awareness and self-defense combatives. Mindset and situational awareness are two of your most powerful weapons when it comes to self-defense. Mindful Defense is a self-defense framework emphasizing recognizing, avoiding and de-escalating dangerous situations before they become a physical encounter. Topics include:

Mindset & Intuition Situational Awareness
Pre-Attack Indicators Combatives
Transitional Spaces Non-Lethal Weapons


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Plegium Genie Smart Pepper Spray
Best Pepper Spray of 2020: Plegium Genie Smart Pepper Spray

Riding on its success with the Smart Pepper Spray, Plegium now offers a complete line of self-defense pepper sprays with many options. Regardless of your self-defense requirements or budget, Pleigum has you covered.

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5 Tips for First-Time Gun Buyers
5 Tips For First-Time Gun Buyers

Being a responsible gun owner who is an asset to society takes commitment. A commitment starts prior to the purchase of your first firearm. Here are things to consider when buying your first weapon system for self-defense.

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Coronavirus : 5 Self-Preservation Tips
Coronavirus : 5 Self-Preservation Tips

I know. We are being flooded with advice on what to do to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic. However, I want to share with you five things I am personally doing that you may have not considered.

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Recommended: Plegium Smart Pepper Spray

When fired with the press of a button, the Plegium Smart Pepper Spray activates five functions designed to keep you safe and summon help:
Pepper Spray LED Strobe  Alarm  Emergency Texts  Phone Calls

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Rapes Per Year
Murders Per Year
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*2015 FBI Uniform Crime Report

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