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Mindful Defense focuses on mindset, situational awareness and self-defense combatives. Mindset and situational awareness are two of your most powerful weapons when it comes to self-defense. Mindful Defense is a self-defense framework emphasizing recognizing, avoiding and de-escalating dangerous situations before they become a physical encounter. Topics include:

Mindset & Intuition Situational Awareness
Pre-Attack Indicators Combatives
Transitional Spaces Non-Lethal Weapons


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Gas Station Safety Tips
5 Tips: How to Stay Safe While Pumping Gas

Table of Contents Add a header to begin generating the table of contents Do Not Leave Your Car Running Regardless of whether or not you’re …

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Wasp Spray for Self-Defense
8 Reasons Not to Use Wasp Spray for Self-Defense

Wasp spray has never been officially tested as a self-defense tool and there are no proven records of its effectiveness against people. Any stories of its effectiveness are just that, stories that have no real evidence. Saying that wasp spray is a good tool for self-defense is a dangerous myth that must be treated as such.

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Plegium Genie Smart Pepper Spray
Best Pepper Spray of 2020: Plegium Genie Smart Pepper Spray

Riding on its success with the Smart Pepper Spray, Plegium now offers a complete line of self-defense pepper sprays with many options. Regardless of your self-defense requirements or budget, Pleigum has you covered.

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Recommended: Plegium Smart Pepper Spray

When fired with the press of a button, the Plegium Smart Pepper Spray activates five functions designed to keep you safe and summon help:
Pepper Spray LED Strobe  Alarm  Emergency Texts  Phone Calls

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Rapes Per Year
Murders Per Year
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*2015 FBI Uniform Crime Report

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