8 Reasons Not to Use Wasp Spray for Self-Defense

Wasp Spray for Self-Defense
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    Many people often wonder if wasp spray is a suitable self-defense option. In fact, some even carry it for that sole purpose. However, this is really not a good option. It can be both ineffective for self-defense and lead to serious legal trouble. On top of this, there are far better alternatives that are easily available to the average consumer such as pepper spray and mace. Listed below are 8 reasons why you shouldn’t use wasp spray for self-defense.

    There is No Evidence that it is Effective

    Wasp spray has never been officially tested as a self-defense tool and there are no proven records of its effectiveness against people. Any stories of its effectiveness are just that, stories that have no real evidence. Saying that wasp spray is a good tool for self-defense is a dangerous myth that must be treated as such.

    Not as Good as Pepper Spray

    When compared to pepper spray, which is a self-defense option that is both legal and proven to be effective, wasp spray doesn’t come close. Just ask yourself this question, “Would I rather use a proven and effective spray or a spray that was made to deter insects?”

    Its Effects are Not Immediate

    Most wasp sprays have active ingredients of pyrethroids. These pyrethroids attack the nervous system and are slowly working on humans. This would be very ineffective against an immediate threat. In Fact, any serious harm is likely to happen much later and could lead to greater legal trouble.

    Its Effects Can Be Immediately Treated

    Not only are its effects not immediate, but the spray can be easily removed from the eyes. Since wasp spray is not oil-based like most pepper sprays, it can be instantly washed out of the eyes with water. This prevents both its short-term and long-term effects.

    It’s Illegal

    Since wasp spray was not made for self-defense and is not labeled for self-defense, it is not legal for self-defense. In fact, because federal law prevents the use of any pesticide to be used for anything besides their labeled purposes, it is a felony to use wasp spray on a person. Not to mention, it most likely wouldn’t be an effective self-defense solution anyway. 

    Length of Fire

    One of the main reasons why people choose to carry wasp spray for self-defense is because of its long-range of fire. However, there are other options that are proven to be effective at similar ranges as wasp spray. One example of this is bear spray. Bear Spray is a type of pepper spray that has a longer range than traditional pepper spray. On top of this, it is also shown to have a longer effective distance and greater dispersal area than that of wasp spray.

    Easy to Self Harm

    Reports of accidental self-harm from wasp spray are well recorded by Poison Control and are shown to be sky-high. If people accidentally spray themselves in calm and controlled environments every day, imagine how easy it will be to make a mistake in a life or death situation.  

    Personal Liability May Be Significant

    Because wasp spray is not a legal self-defense tool, it would be much harder to gain a strong defense for your case. Especially if the spray entered the retina of your attacker and created serious damage. This could be classified as use of deadly force and could be very costly for you and lead to serious legal consequences.


    I would avoid using wasp spray as a self-defense tool unless it was the only option available. Even so, I would rather use my hands than wasp spray. We live in a world where self-defense tools such as pepper spray and mace are both widely available and affordable. Not to mention, the legal repercussions of wasp spray are far greater than that of pepper spray. In conclusion, I do not see any reason why someone would have to use wasp spray as their first line of defense against an attacker.

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    2 thoughts on “8 Reasons Not to Use Wasp Spray for Self-Defense”

    1. Yeah! Someone attacks you with a knife and you spray them with wasp killer and you committed a felony but, he gets out with time served. I feel any tool available to you while being attacked is fair game. As far as it was not designed as a self defense tool, neither was the hammer, ax, rope, baseball bat that was used to defend against a criminal. Well, looks like we’ll be going the way of the Brits….. man defends himself with umbrella (against knife wielding criminal), goes to jail for using weapon to defend self.

      1. Could not have said it better……now days people need to arm them self with anything they can. if these criminals want to bring back the wild wild west…..so be it. this shit has to stop….

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