Meet the Founders

David & Krissie DiBella

David and Krissie DiBella created Mindful Defense™ in order to provide easy-to-learn, yet highly effective, self-defense training to people of all ages and physical abilities.

David is a full-time self-defense and martial arts instructor who has been training and teaching since 1983. The DiBella’s are passionate about self-defense and educating the community. David and Krissie publish weekly self-defense articles for the Mindful Defense™ blog. Seminars are held throughout the year for local schools and youth organizations.

A 5th degree black belt, David has been training in and teaching the martial arts for 39 years. David holds a bachelor’s degree in Crime and Delinquency Studies from the University of Kansas and an MBA with a concentration in Management Information Systems from Avila University.

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