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Disadvantages of Biometric and Fingerprint Gun Safes

Top 5 Disadvantages of Biometric and Fingerprint Gun Safes

When it comes to storing firearms for self-defense purposes, many gun owners opt for bedside safes that can be accessed quickly in case of an emergency. One popular type of bedside safe is the fingerprint or biometric safe, which uses a fingerprint scanner to grant access to the safe’s contents. While these safes offer convenience and security, they also have several disadvantages that gun owners should consider.

Active Shooter: Run, Hide, Fight

Active Shooter: How to Respond

Responding to an active shooter is a difficult task. In order to maximize your chances of survival, plan ahead. Run through scenarios of how you would respond in places you frequent. Get in the habit of assessing your environment and knowing avenues of escape and hiding places.

Keep an open mind and realize that your capabilities and the dynamics of the situation dictate whether it’s best to run, hide or fight. 

Off-Body Carrying of a Firearm: Don’t Do It

Off-Body Carrying of a Firearm: Don’t Do It

Off-body carrying of a firearm is simply carrying your weapon in a manner that it is not attached to your body in a fixed, stable location. Off-body carry includes things like purses and stowing a gun under the seat of your car. Off-body carry has many drawbacks, many of which will render your firearm inaccessible in the dynamics of a lethal force confrontation. For the average citizen, off-body carry should be a last resort.

Armed Citizen: Asset or Liability?

Armed Citizen: Asset or Liability?

The concealed carry of firearms is legal in almost all states. More citizens are carrying firearms for personal protection than ever before. Each of these citizens makes a choice, either intentionally or not. As an armed citizen are they going to be an asset or liability to society? The training required to get a concealed carry license does little to make a person proficient in weapon manipulation.

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