Technology Advances Personal Protection: Plegium Smart Pepper Spray

Plegium Smart Pepper Spray

When it comes to personal protection, simple is better. Simple is easy to execute under the stress of an encounter and minimizes points of failure. The problem is that dealing with an aggressor is anything but simple.

Traditional Self-Defense Devices

If you are unfortunate enough to face an aggressor, the sequence of events required to stop the attacker often goes as follows:

  1. Pepper Spray: A highly effective way to stop a non-lethal attack from a distance is with pepper spray. Pepper spray works against those under the influence of drugs, alcohol, and dogs.
  2. Flashlight: Attacks often happen at night in transitional spaces, such as parking lots. A light source is necessary to illuminate dark spaces, identify targets and disorient an attacker.
  3. Personal Alarm: Making noise is vital and services two purposes. First, it draws attention and may alert others you need help. Second, loud noise will throw a wrench into an attacker’s plan and may be enough to scare him/her away.
  4. Cell Phone: You will most likely need to call for help. Unfortunately you will probably not have time to do so until after the encounter has ended. If you’re fortunate, you will still have the capacity to make a phone call.
  5. Location Text Message: When under duress, it is difficult to communicate details such as exact location. You may not even know where you are. The best way to let responders know your location is by giving an exact address and location, such as GPS coordinates. A link to a Google map is ideal.

Executing the five steps above requires you to carry 4 devices; a flashlight, pepper spray, alarm and cell phone. Furthermore, each one of these devices and their functions have to be activated sequentially, which would take a few minutes at a minimum. When time is life, this simply is not possible. The outcome of the situation will be determined by fractions of a second, not minutes.

Next Generation Smart Pepper Spray

Plegium engineered the Smart Pepper Spray to address the realities of a physical confrontation. When faced with the threat of bodily harm, reactions are often reduced to gross motor skills. The Smart Pepper Spray activates all of the following functions in less than one second, with the press of a single button.

  1. Plegium Smart Pepper Spray
    1. Pepper Spray: Up to 10 shots out to 10 feet of the hottest pepper spray available.
    2. 3-LED Strobe: Blinks 19 times per second, identifying and disorienting an attacker.
    3. Alarm: Loudest available 130 decibel alarm.
    4. Location Texts: Up to 5 emergency contacts receive texts messages with a link to a Google map showing your exact location.
    5. Emergency Calls: Up to 5 emergency contacts receive phone calls letting them know you’re in trouble and where you are located.

Even though the Plegium Smart Pepper Spray does so much, all of its features are best in class.

How It Works

The Smart Pepper Spray connects to either an iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth. A free app is available that connects to the Smart Pepper Spray. From within the app, you simply designate up to 5 emergency contacts who will be notified via text messages and phone calls when you deploy the Smart Pepper Spray. The entire setup takes about 1 minute.
Once configured, you are all set for 4 years! The Smart Pepper Spray has a 4-year battery life and the battery does not need re-charging.


The Plegium Smart Pepper Spray is one of the most advanced personal protection devices available. It is a force multiplier, enabling you to activate 5 functions with the press of a single button in less than one second. Once configured, the Plegium Smart Pepper Spray will function for 4 years with no recharging of the battery.

With a suggested retail price of $49.95 combined with a 4-year battery life, you get 4 years of protection for about $1 per month. The app is free and there are no monthly fees.

There is no other non-lethal personal protection device that offers this level of protection and value. The Plegium Smart Pepper Spray is one of the best personal protection devices available.

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