Safety Tips for Uber & Lyft Riders

Safety Tips for Uber & Lyft Riders
Uber and Lyft are ride services that are convenient and popular. Unfortunately, they can present some serious dangers. Drivers impersonate Uber and Lyft drivers, pick up unsuspecting women and do harm. The news is filled with tragic stories of women getting into the wrong vehicles. Here are some Uber and Lyft safety tips that mitigate the risks associated with ride services:
  1. Do Not Stand Outside: Those impersonating drivers scan the sidewalks for girls on their cell phones who appear to be looking for a ride. Stay inside until the app shows that your driver has arrived.
  2. Verify Name of Driver: Ask the driver what his/her name is before entering the vehicle. Make sure the name of the driver matches the name given in your app.
  3. Have Driver Confirm Your Name: Ask the driver who the car is for. If the driver doesn’t know your name, do not get in the car.
  4. Verify Your Ride: Make sure you’re getting into the right car, with the right driver and the right license plates.  Also, verify that the vehicle make, model and driver photo match with what’s provided in your app.
  5. Ride in Back Seat: Never ride in the front seat. Ride in the back seat where you can safely exit either side of the vehicle and safely avoid traffic. Also, this allows you to put space between you and the driver facilitating a quick exit if need be.
  6. Share Your Trip Details: Share your trip info with a friend or family member. Your app will most likely have a feature that will allow you to do this. The app should send route status, driver, vehicle make and model  Also, take a picture of the vehicle and driver before entering and text message that to your emergency contact.
  7. Do Not Share Information: Your driver will have all the information needed for your trip. Do not provide any additional information such as name, phone number or other personal information.
  8. Do Not Impair Your Senses & Judgment: Uber and Lyft are not justifications for getting intoxicated. It is never a good idea to get into a vehicle with a stranger while having impaired judgment.
When using a ride service such as Uber or Lyft, do not impair your senses and always put your safety first. With proper diligence, ride services can be both convenient and safe.

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