5 Ways to Make Your Home a Hard Target

Home Security
Home security doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. Here ares 5 things you can do today to make your home a hard target.
  1. Secure Your Garage Door Opener: Do not leave your garage door opener in your vehicle. It’s too easy for someone to break into your vehicle and then use the garage door opener to enter your home. Get a key fob opener and keep it secured at all times.
  2. Display a Burglar Alarm Sign: The most important part of an alarm system is the sign. Nothing says pick a different house to rob like a burglar alarm sign in your front yard. The presence of security cameras is an excellent deterrent as well.
  3. Indicate That a Dog is Present: Hang a beware of dog sign on your doors and gates. Place a large dog bowl and bone by your back door. If you have a dog and it becomes agitated, take it as a warning that something may be wrong.
  4. Eliminate Exterior Hiding Places: Do not let your bushes become overgrown. Holly and rose bushes are nice prickly options. Walk around your property at different hours and under different lighting conditions. Determine which areas are visible and which are not. Beware of potential hiding places.
  5. Keep the Exterior of Your Home Well Lit: Eliminate dark areas with lighting and motion detectors. Motion detectors are an inexpensive way to activate lights that will scare off most people. When a motion activated light comes on, a person does not know if a person turned on the light and will have to assume someone is watching.
I hope you’ll implement these 5 tips today and make your home a safe place!

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