What To Do If Being Followed In A Vehicle

What To Do If Being Followed In A Vehicle

Note:  This article does not deal with being followed while on foot. To learn what to do if you are being followed while not in a vehicle , please refer to our blog: What To Do If You Are Being Followed


It is very easy to feel safe and protected when driving in a locked vehicle. Situational awareness in regard to being followed is something most neglect. Here are 5 things you can do if you feel you are being followed.

  • Be Alert: Do not neglect your situational awareness because you are locked in a moving vehicle. At some point you will have to stop and exit the vehicle. Constantly scan your windows and mirrors. Be alert for suspicious vehicles and those who may be following you.
  • Always Have a Cell Phone: Your safety depends on your ability to communicate from a moving vehicle. Imagine being on a remote road with an unmarked car with flashing lights pulling you over. Without a call to a 911 dispatcher you have no way to verify if the person behind you is really a law enforcement officer.
  • Call the Police: If you feel you are being followed call 911. The dispatcher will more than likely be able to determine if it is a law enforcement officer following you. If you are unsure of who is trying to pull you over, put on your emergency lights and keep driving. Stay on the phone with 911 and drive to a crowded area.
  • Climbing Stairs: One way to determine if you are being followed is to make four left or right turns in a row. This is often referred to as “climbing stairs.” Intentionally drive in a loop. Almost never does someone drive in a complete loop at the same time as you. This correlation of movement will almost certainly indicate you are being followed.
  • Off/On the Highway: Again, you are looking for correlation of movement in regard to unnatural driving pattern. If you are on the highway exit the highway and immediately get back on going in the same direction.

Once you get in the habit of scanning your surroundings while driving, it will be become second nature. Always exercise good situational awareness, regardless of your environment.

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