5 Tips: How to Stay Safe While Pumping Gas

Gas Station Safety Tips
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    Do Not Leave Your Car Running

    Regardless of whether or not you’re pumping gas, never leave your car running unless you are locked inside of it, behind the wheel, and in full control.

    Running vehicles catch the attention of carjackers, especially if no one is behind the wheel. Keep your car locked, with no possessions visible and the ignition off.

    Keep Your Children Locked in the Car

    Children can take your eyes off of your surroundings and create a distraction. Furthermore, it is best for your children’s safety if they are locked in the car under your supervision. Even though your children may be safely locked in the car, it is still your responsibility to have them in your sight and under supervision at all times.

    If you have to leave your vehicle, take your children with you.

    Stay Off Your Cell Phone

    Being on your cell phone diminishes situation awareness. Limit all activities that take the focus off of your surroundings. If you’re looking at and talking on your phone, not only is it a distraction, it sends a message to those looking for an opportunity to commit a crime that you’re an easy target.

    Remember, when you are in a transitional space, you must look confident, like you belong, and project strength at all times.

    Be Alert, Constantly Scanning Your Surroundings

    Criminals look for easy targets. They do not prey on victims who may present a challenge.

    It is important to look like you belong and are familiar with the surroundings. Project an image of being alert by constantly scanning your surroundings. Keep your head up. If you see someone is observing you, make brief eye contact to let them know you are aware of their presence. Do not get locked into a dead stare and create a confrontation.

    Pump Gas at a Time & Place of Your Choosing

    Never let your gas tank go below a quarter of a tank. With proper planning, you should not find yourself pumping gas in the dark, or at a gas station that may be unsafe and unfamiliar.

    Patronize gas stations during the day, at busy times and in relatively safe areas of town. Remember, pumping gas should take place on your terms, not when you’re out of gas.

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