5 Things That Make You An Easy Target

5 Things That Make You An Easy Target

When bad people decide to do bad things to good people, they interview them first. This is an interview you want to make sure you fail. Criminals are opportunistic. They adapt and act on a moment’s notice when an easy target presents itself. Criminals will “interview,” or run potential victims through a checklist to determine if they are easy prey.  Here are some common things an aggressor will look for when deciding to take action.

  1. Looking Like You Don’t Belong: Do not stick out like a sore thumb. Walking around an unfamiliar part of town, asking for directions and looking lost is a good way to attract attention. This is the wrong type of attention. Know your environment, what is the norm, and most importantly, fit in.
  2. Focus Lock: Do not be distracted! Stay alert and let others know you are alert and aware of your surroundings. Don’t tempt yourself by holding your phone in transitional spaces. It’s too tempting to take a call or send a text. Analyze your behavior and eliminate distractions.
  3. Displaying of Valuables: Avoid displays of affluence, even things you may take for granted. This can include such things as that new purse or the latest iPhone.
  4. Wrong Place, Wrong Time: Do not give anyone the opportunity to make you a victim. Remember that ability, desire and opportunity must be present for a crime to take place. You can only control the opportunity. Do not go to stupid places at stupid times with stupid people. It’s that simple.
  5. Company You Keep: Be cognizant of who you associate with. Hanging around people of questionable character will expose you to a lot of unnecessary dangers. We have all been out with that one person who drinks a little too much, becomes loud and gets into verbal altercations.

Mindfulness and planning of your actions will go a long way to keeping you safe. Do not create an opportunity for a crime to take place. Make good decisions and most importantly, make yourself a hard target.

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