Travel Safety: Road Trip Security

Travel Safety: Road Trip Security

Road trips are something most of us do, whether for business or pleasure. There are many dynamics regarding this type of travel that affect our safety. With proper planning, the risks associated with road trips can be minimized.

Travel Safety Tips for Your Road Trip

Here’s a few things to consider before you hit the road on your next adventure.

  • Secure Your Home: Don’t neglect your home. Keep your home lit, locked and looking like someone is home. Stop your mail or have a neighbor pick it up and look after your home. If you have routine habits that affect the appearance of your home such as mowing the yard or taking out the trash, maintain them while you’re gone.
  • Maintain Your Vehicle: The last thing you want is to be broken down on the side of the road, in an unfamiliar area and forced to interact with strangers. Keep your vehicle well maintained. Consider having your vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic to make sure it is in good working order.
  • Know & Share Your Route: Plan your route along well-traveled, safe roads that are easily accessible. Share your route with a friend or family member and routinely check-in. If you miss a scheduled check-in someone will know approximately where you are and can get help. If you deviate from your planned route let someone know.
  • Plan for a Breakdown: Always have your cell phone charged and with you. Consider joining a roadside assistance program. Have food, water, a first aid kit and appropriate clothing in your vehicle. Be prepared in case you are stranded for a prolonged period of time or have to leave the vehicle.
  • Don’t Reveal Travel on Social Media: Avoid the temptation to let everyone know you’re leaving or to post about your travel on social media. Post pictures and share your excitement with friends and family after you return.
  • Research Your Destination: Talk with locals prior to arriving. Understand any risks. Google your destination and read the local news. Major events taking place in the area you will be visiting could change the dynamics of your destination. If you are planning on legally carrying a firearm make sure you have the proper license if required.

Hopefully these tips will help you travel safely. Remember, constantly assess what you’re doing and make changes as the situation dictates.

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