Keeping Your Home Secure While Traveling

Keeping Your Home Secure While Traveling

The key to keeping your home secure while traveling is to make it appear you have never left. The good news is that this is very easy to do and will cost you little to nothing. Here are ten things you can do to keep your home secure while you are away.

  1. Don’t Stop Mail:  Remember, the key is to not change what is routine. There is no need to alert postal workers to your absence. Rather, have someone pick up your mail.
  2. Put Trash Out:  If you routinely put your trash on the curb, continue to do so. Your home will stand out like a sore thumb if weekly trash is lining everyone’s curb except for yours.
  3. Maintain Yard:  Do not let neglect the upkeep of your property. Continue to have the grass cut and yard maintained. If it snows, have the driveway shoveled. At the very least, make sure someone puts tire tracks on the snow in your drive. Make your property appear to be in use at all times.
  4. Use Timers:  Timers for lights are inexpensive, yet highly effective. Program your lights to reflect your daily routine. For example, at dinner time have the kitchen lights on. After dinner, illuminate your living room. Then, at bedtime, light up your bedroom.
  5. Close Your Blinds:  Make sure the inside of your home is not visible from the outside.
  6. Have Someone Check On Your Home:  At a minimum, have someone check on your home every few days. Remove any flyers on the front door and packages on the porch. Whomever is checking on your home should do a quick walk through of the interior and exterior of your property.
  7. Use a House Sitter:  Probably one of the best things you can do is have a house sitter. Having a property occupied is one of the best ways to deter trouble.
  8. Remove Valuables:  What can’t be found can’t be stolen. Move jewelry and other valuables out of your home. Consider getting a safety deposit box to use while you are away.
  9. Keep Your Travels Off Social Media:  Do not advertise your home is vacant. Resist the temptation to post pictures of your travels to social media until you return.
  10. Communicate with Trusted Neighbors:  Trusted neighbors should be an integral part of your home security plan. Neighbors know the norm and are the first to recognize when something is not right. Leave your contact information with a neighbor.

Analyze your daily routine and make sure your home reflects that in your absence. With a little planning, you can enjoy your travels knowing that your home is safe and secure.

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