The Grey Man Concept: Going Unnoticed

When in public places, such as transitional spaces, it's best to go unnoticed. The less attention you draw, the better. A "grey man" is a person who goes unnoticed by blending in with the environment and not stimulating others. Learning how to "go grey" will help keep you out of criminals' cross hairs. Here are four things you need to know to stay under the radar.

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Pinch Your Way Out of a Dangerous Situation

The most basic, easy to execute self-defense techniques are usually the most effective. When faced with stress, danger and fear our bodies operate in a diminished capacity. It is important to keep this in mind when practicing self-defense techniques that must be applied in a variety of circumstances. The more simple a technique is to execute, the better. Pinching is a self-defense technique that can be used against attackers regardless of your age, gender or physical ability. Pinching is by no means a way to "finish" an attacker or cause serious injury. Rather it is a way to inflict pain, cause a flinch reaction and create an avenue of escape.

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Car Keys as a Self-Defense Weapon

People like to share, tell stories and discuss what they do in order to protect themselves. One of the most common things people share is how they hold their keys as weapons while going to and from their car. Keys can be an effective weapon when used correctly. The "brass knuckles" method seems to be the most popular way of using keys as a weapon. This article will look at the downfalls of this method and discuss better alternative, the "pinch" method.

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Safety Practices for Women Runners

Running outside is generally considered a safe sport. However, as with any activity that takes you out and about in the world, it definitely has its risks for predator assault. Women are especially vulnerable to assailants due to our strength and size. Women runners, therefore need to stay smart and balance personal safety practices with the way we love to run.

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Never Let Your Guard Down

Staying vigilant is a key component of self-defense. We cannot predict the time, place or nature of crimes. It is easy to become complacent and let our guard down. Do not justify complacency by saying things such as "I am only running a quick errand", or "It's daytime, nothing will happen." Keep in mind that often times criminals can hit or or miss. We cannot. Here's 5 things to always keep on your mind to help you stay on guard.

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Transitional Spaces: Unavoidable Danger Zones

Transitional spaces are uncontrolled spaces we must pass through when going from one place to another. A transitional space could be a parking lot, a shopping mall, a gas station or bad part of town. Transitional spaces cannot be avoided and usually present a increased level of risk. Being aware of the increased dangers and how to avoid them can help keep you safe in transitional spaces.

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Importance of Mindfulness in Self-Defense

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is awareness. It is a state of mind that can be trained, enhanced and made very powerful through consistent daily training. A Mindful Defense mindset is what will make the difference in your ability to anticipate and react rationally and effectively. A mindful person is by second nature keenly aware of their here and now situational experience. They are in tune to their breathing, mind and body responses, and have control over their ability to stay sharp and persevere should the need arise.

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Crime Triangle’s Relationship to Self-Defense

Understanding the crime triangle is fundamental in developing an effective strategy for self-defense. Three things must be present for a crime to occur: desire, ability and opportunity. If any one of these is removed from the triangle a crime cannot take place. Obviously we cannot control criminals. There will always be those with the desire and ability to carry out crimes. What we can control is the opportunity. With a little knowledge, we can make ourselves hardened targets and take the opportunity away from criminals.

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Securing Your Vehicle

Securing your vehicle should be an integral part of your self-defense. Often times we don’t think about vehicle security until we experience the inconvenience and expense of having a vehicle broken into. Not only do vehicle break-ins cost time and money but they can also compromise the safety of you and your loved ones. Something as simple as leaving your ID and a garage door opener in your car while going for a jog at the park can give a stranger complete access to your home and family.

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