Gas Station Safety Tips

5 Tips: How to Stay Safe While Pumping Gas

Table of Contents Add a header to begin generating the table of contents Do Not Leave Your Car Running Regardless of whether or not you’re pumping gas, never leave your car running unless you are locked inside of it, behind the wheel, and in full control. Running vehicles catch the attention of carjackers, …

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Plegium Smart Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray: Is Wind Blowback a Major Concern?

Quite often I get asked if having pepper spray blown back by the wind is a valid concern. Is it a concern? Yes. Can it be mitigated? Yes. Should the possibility of pepper spray being blown back at you stop you from carrying it? Absolutely not.

By combining the proper type of pepper spray for the environment and simple tactics, you can minimize the risk of blowback.

Active Shooter: Run, Hide, Fight

Active Shooter: How to Respond

Responding to an active shooter is a difficult task. In order to maximize your chances of survival, plan ahead. Run through scenarios of how you would respond in places you frequent. Get in the habit of assessing your environment and knowing avenues of escape and hiding places.

Keep an open mind and realize that your capabilities and the dynamics of the situation dictate whether it’s best to run, hide or fight. 

What To Do If Being Followed

What To Do If You Are Being Followed

At some point, most people will be followed for one reason or another. Having a plan in place prior to this occurring can keep you safe. The good news is, that prior to an attack, there are usually multiple “pre-attack indicators” present. If pre-attack indicators are not blatantly obvious, you can force them.

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